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TR2/3/3A Should you paint your leaf springs?


Jedi Knight
I've disassembled the springs and wire brushed them to remove the rust, etc.
but I'm wondering should I paint them & if so what's the best way?
all leafs; all sides?
just the sides, bottom & top?(after they are greased reassembled and cleaned ?)
not at all?

Pat stated he uses red axle grease between the leafs, that stuff doesn't mix with paint to well.



Obi Wan
Country flag
I disassembled my Bugeye leaf springs, wire brushed and blasted all the rust away, cleaned them thoroughly to make sure no grit was left and primed the individual leaves with a good self etching primer. I then top coated them with a good chassis black paint, let dry and sprayed each leaf with SlipPlate graphite paint. This provides all the lubrication without grit attracting oil or grease and looks really good. Very happy with the results.



Jedi Knight
Thx Rut,
I ordered the slip plate penetrator stuff.

Btw: their marketing dept. Has me convenienced I should drink this stuff!



Obi Wan
Country flag
They actually market their original product for use on farm implements to help grain move thru the chute faster! It's also great for painting things like master cylinders, etc. where you want a cast iron look that brake fluid doesn't remove.


I use Sliplate on my tractor stuff. You actually need to burnish the dried coating with a fine wire brush to make it slick (instructions). On a mower deck it will hold up all season before it get scoured off. I buy it by the quart. Stir very well, then stir some more as the solids sink to the bottom of the can. I think Tractor Supply Co sells it in the store.

It might even be too slippery for spring leaves. I use paint on my springs then use a small chip brush to push oil in sideways once in a while.


Country flag
I've always done mine the way the factory did...build the spring bare and paint it as a unit.
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