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MGB Shop progress


Obi Wan
Country flag
I’m getting closer and closer to having a finished shop and I cant wait to start equipping it! I ran 3/4” RapidAir piping and outlets so I would have the volume I need for those air hungry sand blasters, shot peen cabinets, body sanders, etc. The 2 post lift will go on the left side with room for a car/tool box/mill between it and the wall. IF they stay on schedule it’s looking like the end of July, but we all know how that goes! Even tho it’s my shop, SWMBO will be picking out the paint colors and I’m trying to steer her toward a light grey, but I would like to hear your suggestions. I also let her talk me into using spray foam insulation and a small split system HVAC for comfort...how does that work with the doors open?


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Great Pumpkin
You are a lucky man! Your shop is bigger than my house.

HVAC won't work at all with that big garage/shop door open. It will spew out warm or cool air, but all the outside air will quickly overtake it.

Paint color? Just tell her you'll pick up her favorite paint when the shop is ready. Then get whatever you like, and tell her you're color blind like many men.


I think the next question is usually "What should I put on the concrete floor - epoxy, paint, carpet, etc.?"


Obi Wan
Country flag
Good idea on the paint! One of the benefits of living in the ‘rural South’ is that land is plentiful and reasonably priced and building costs are pretty low. It also doesn’t hurt to have our nephew and son as the contractors!

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
Country flag
Looking great, Rut! I remember the excitement I had when building mine a few years ago.

Mini-split systems are a great option for heating/cooling. Really wish I'd put one in when we built. Can always add, but I've spent too much money on the Victor! Maybe later...



Staff member
Country flag
Looking good, Rut. Nothing like dedicated shop space.

HVAC in the shop is a really nice thing. I've got a dedicated furnace in mine (one of those hanging jobbies). Don't need cooling where I am at 6500' elevation, but the heat is critical. Good temperature control means you can work out there when you want to regardless of what it's doing weather/temp wise.
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