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General Tech Shock oil


Jedi Hopeful
What does everyone use for Armstrong shock oil??


Great Pumpkin
Each to his own, but here's a recommended list:

20W motorcycle/ATV fork oil, hydraulic ram oil (for snowplows, etc; or from farm stores, AWE68 oil), hydraulic jack oil, or straight 20W engine oil

Tom M.


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Mineral oil. Non-petroleum, same as Rolls.


Jedi Knight
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I'm cleaning out the garage a bit, and found half a dozen or so 500 ml bottles of Castrol Automatic TQ-F transmission oil with AH SPares part number MSC130. AH Spares has nothing corresponding to this part number but I checked my back orders and found that it was sold as SHOCK ABSORBER FLUID-CASTROL and I'd bought the stuff in May 2006. AH Spares still sells the same Castrol TG-F as shock oil, but different packaging and part number. Our 3000 has Fahrpass Bilsteins; touch wood both BEs will be running this summer and they have Armstrongs, but I sure have plenty of fluid. Doug
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