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Ship deliberately runs aground carrying Jaguars and Land Rovers, but why?


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The German shipment of approximately 1400 Jaguar F-Types and Land Rovers (and one Rolls-Royce Wraith) has been stalled just a bit due to being stuck at sea. According to news sources, the Hoegh Osaka was in route to Germany carrying heavy equipment as well as thousands of new luxury vehicles. The ship, a 57,000 ton cargo vessel, is approximately 590 feet long. The ship began listing (the angle at which a vessel leans or tilts) and most likely would have capsized if the crew had not acted quickly and safely ran the ship aground.

Details at: https://www.torquenews.com/3477/som...-waiting-just-bit-longer#sthash.Y9adrnVJ.dpuf
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