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Sharing Memory Lane in an Austin Healey


Jedi Hopeful
Today I had the pleasure of sharing my Austin Healey with my barber. I stopped by his shop for a haircut and mentioned I had sold a Triumph TR3B, bought a Big Healey, and that I had driven it for him to see.

Leonard was out of the shop with me in a flash, leaving his other customers behind. You see he had owned a side curtain 3000 which he bought in 1965. What a thrill to see his reaction to being near one again. And it was surprising that he remembered many of the details as we open the engine lid and the boot.

When I asked if heā€™d like to go for a ride, yes was the enthusiastic answer. So off we went down a nearby curvy back road, the Healey making a wonderful racket and Leonard telling me about his Austin Healey adventures from 47 years before.

Leonard would have happily ridden all day, abandoning his shop for the bright Virginia sunshine and the back roads, but I really needed that haircut!

So share your Healey. It will make good memories for you, and bring a smile to old friends.

Best to all, Jeff



Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Thanks for sharing that story Jeff. There's something about British cars especially Healeys that seem to bring people together in a wonderful way.


Great Pumpkin
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Yeahthat wae anice story--Keoke :thumbsup:


Darth Vader
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I seems that when I first got into Healey's(purchased my first one) people would stop by my car to say they used to own one and strike up an interesting conversation about the one they had and occassionaly the repairs they had to make. Nothing has changed much in the repairs except today we seem to go farther between repairs.

One very interesting encouter was when I was having my morning Starbucks and a guy came up to me and told me he had owned a 100-S at one time and wanted to give me some stuff he still had. We exchanged cards and within a week I met him at Starbucks. He had a set of carb tools and a frame Healey Drivers Club badge, (The Healey Drivers Club is now displayed in my home office). He was in a hurry to his next appointment and I wish we had been able to talk Healey's longer.

Just don't know if "I" could have parted with a Healey Drivers Club badge.


Luke Skywalker
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I went to a small car show last Wed at a restaurant and a guy came up to look at the 4 AH there. Said he used to have a 100M. Really wanted to get one again. Since he did not leave any contact info, I could not forward cars for sale in the area. Some of the interest is just talk. But sometimes it works out. We got a free Triumph TR3A by talking to a lady one time.



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Miss the old thing. Here I am with my Dad in about 1957 (a 1956 Healey that I sort of inherited in about 1972).


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