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Share your sources for BSF hardware


Country flag
Right now, I'm specifically looking for 1/2"-16TPI BSF x 1-1/4" long. Those are Damper mounting bolts for the Vanden Plas 4 Litre Princess Limousine that I'm working on. Moss motors has the 1/12-16TPI BSF x 1-3/4" long ones for the lower wishbone pivot shaft bolts to hold it to the frame. Some Bubba left 3 of the damper mounting bolts off of this one, and used those shorter bolts as replacements for the lower wishbone bolts. They barely engage 3 full turns, and the bolts got pretty corroded and pitted down there. I'm planning to replace all the lower bolts, so at least I can use the 3 "borrowed" bolts to fill in the empty holes for the dampers. But I'd prefer new hardware all around, if I can find it.


Great Pumpkin
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For one, "British Tools & Fasteners". I have used them quite frequently for nuts, bolts, screws and many other items, such as Taps & Dies. PJ


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I have some 1/2" BSF Socket Cap screws but they are 2 1/2" long. Could you cut them down? Also have some 5 1/2" ones.

PM me if they will work.

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