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Series 1 jaguar boot latch problem


Freshman Member
1968 XJ6
The knob turns and springs back but it doesn't operate the latch. Can't go through the back seat as LPG tank is right in the way. Really need it to open as the only gauge for the LPG is on the tank in the boot. I figure we will have to cut a wee hole to get at the workings but have no idea where. Anyone know exactly how these work and any ideas on where to make the hole?


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in the Series 3 XJ, (1980-1987) you might be able to pull the linkage up by removing the license plate and with needle nose pliers, grab the linkage and pull it though one of the license plate screw holes, assuming the lock is unlocked and while another person presses the boot lid down to release any tension on the catch.

I am not sure about the 1968 Series 1 XJ, but the catch and latch should be in the same place.


Freshman Member
Just sorted my user and password
We ended up having to drill behind the number plate, off the road at the moment getting ready for a going over as it has been 10yrs since the big rebuild
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