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TR2/3/3A Scam Alert 57 TR3


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I recently found this ad out on the web:


When I clicked on the Read More button it took me here:


When I posted a general inquiry, I received an email (several weeks later) claiming to be from a Shane Moore. The set up is this, the buyer logs into a supposed third party web site (https://www.quayshippingltd.com/), enters into some sort of agreement with the third party to hold funds in escrow. The car is then shipped to the buyer and they have 7 days to inspect the car and if they don't want it, it is then returned to the storage facility.

Total scam. I did a search on Google for Shane Moore and he is indeed a photographer for Discovery Deadliest Catch as the perpetrator of this scam claims to be. However, it also turned up a post on Face Book where several people are posting tale of sorrow over this. The perpetrator (posing as Shane Moore) has tried selling pick up trucks, BMWs, motor cycles. I will be contacting my local office of the FBI and see if they are interested in any of it.

Buyer beware!

I'm still looking for a '57 TR3!


Great Pumpkin
Somehow I keep thinking ... if buyers would just have the car inspected by someone (themselves, local car club, etc.) these scams would shrivel up and blow away.

Good grief - buying a car sight unseen. Yikes.


Jedi Warrior
You might get some interest from the US Postal Inspection Service who do a lot of fraud investigation. Electronic mail qualifies getting them involved.
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