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Rubber bumper Midget value?


Jedi Trainee
I have access to a late rubber bumper Midget, not sure of exact year. It was painted 25 years ago at a body shop and was never picked up. Shop was sold and car stayed with shop. It has NO title. Over the years it has been here, the yellow paint has some chips scratches from sitting things on it. It would at the very least need a few places spotted in. It is missing the bumpers. Some small lenses, emblems are missing. Seats would need covers but interior is basically intact. If it is sold I would likely spend some time to get it to start and run at least from a alternate fuel source. Just looking for a clue as to what it might bring. I've had a couple of them over my years of british car hobbying. I currently have a TR3 driver, but have not messed with Midgets for quite some time. Considering buying from shop and getting a title. Thanks for your input.


Obi Wan
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No title is a parts car to me. These cars have such a low value as you described it that it might cost more to chase down a title than the cars worth, even if it runs. From sitting that long just about everything will need refurbishing, hydraulics, carbs, possibly engine, etc. No more than $500 to me and that may be high.


Darth Vader
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The later Midgets really tend to run all over the place in value. I've seen them up around 5k for nice ones, all the way down to "giveaway" cars. A couple of times a year on the local LBC e-mail list, free rubber bumper Midget tends to show up -- usually not running and no title.

However, with vintage car prices really heading north, the rubber-bumper Midgets are one of the few economical options left for someone who wants to jump into the hobby, but doesn't want to run up their home equity line to do it.


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I would say that the most valuable part of the car as it sits is the paint job. OTOH the most valuable part of the car to the shop is the space it occupies. Assuming it is complete - which, given that it was there for paint is not a safe assumption - is the trim there? the top? the bumpers? the keys? and given that it hasn't run in 25 years I really feel like you are in "let me take it off your hands territory." I concur in the $500 range.


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I would also concur with the $500 value, without a title I would say let it go unless you really want a rubber bumper midget. The early cars were quicker (all things being relative) lighter, and handled better. Most, including me, would say the early cars were better looking, there are still quite a few around (even without rust if you have a little patience). That being said if you are looking for a cheap project there it is, and all midgets are fun, and parts new and used plentiful and cheap.


Jedi Trainee
Here's where it stands now. The car is basically free to me. The labor is basically free to me. I ran a quick check of parts ( around 2k to 2.5k) needed to bring it back to life and finish it out to be a nice driver quality car, barring any unforeseen major issues. Going to 1) check to see about getting a title first. 2) If obtainable try to get started and running. 3) If that works out, we'll start getting it put together. Checked several realistic sources ( private sales on ebay, bring-a-trailer, etc.) Looks like $5K is about top dollar which concurs with SaxMan. If it all works out, should be able to get $3500 or better which would clear it out of the shop and clear us a few bucks. Hate to see any LBC go to the bone yard...even a Midget.
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