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TR6 Rocker arm assembly , pushrod clearance



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I am installing a new rocker shaft, arms, pushrods on a newly machined head, however I am finding that the number 12 pushrod is contacting the opening above the lifter bore and not allowing any movement. Some of the other pushrods are also extremely close to the other openings as well. I wanted to see if anyone has an idea as to what is going on with my setup.


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Hi Bob
Thanks you so much for your help with this, you saved me a trip to the psychologist, I had the head shaved and ordered new shorter pushrods, you made me think that when I installed they appeared thicker than the stock ones, I will check out moss for the correct length, first I will look at my old ones as the engine was running fine with the old pushrods


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If they are too long you may not be able to get adequate specified valve lash.
Yes, the ones I have now are .060” shorter than stock, I guess I have two choices, see if I can get the solid thinner pushrods which are .060” shorter or just carefully Drexel out the extra metal on the head were they are rubbing And use the thicker ones. I believe Rimmer sells the thinner shorter ones.


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Are you running a hotter cam? If so, you may want the bigger push rods.

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