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Rich Chrysler's "Introduction to Austin-Healey Restoration"


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I would love to get a copy of Rich Chrysler's book.
Where can I find a copy to download?
Rich Chrysler book.JPG


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I'd start by contacting the club that printed it, the Austin-Healey Club of Southern Ontario, a chapter of the Austin-Healey Club of America (AHCA). Their contact information is, of course, in the AHCA Membership Directory, and a web search should also be productive.

However, a far better, far more current, and far, far, far larger and more comprehensive restoration guide would be the "Concours Guidelines" available through the Austin-Healey Concours Registry.


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Here's Rich's article on John Sims' Healey6 website.

Another good read about how to do a restoration, rather than what is factory correct (Concours), is Roger Moment and Gary Anderson's series of articles titled "One Approach to Restoring an Austin-Healey". The 37 articles were published in Austin Healey Club USA's Austin-Healey magazine. The articles are available to club members as PDF files on the club's website.

John Turney

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Both the Austin Healey Club USA and Austin Healey Club of America have moved to new web platforms and their technical resources are not yet available.
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