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TR2/3/3A restore my original air filters


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I am looking for suggestions on a way to restore my original air filters. These have been sitting a long time. Anyways, the originals must have been made around the inside wirer mess then crimped . I have removed the mess in the past from inside, but getting the mess back in is difficult and never looks correct. All ideas welcome, so perhaps I can synthesize the ideas into a method to clean the air filters thanks, Steve


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For my TR2 I found a set of new filters on Ebay pretty cheap, so I didn't have to deal with cleaning filters. On my TR3 I just sand blasted the old filters and then cleaned out all the sand in the parts tank. Removing the inner mesh would be optimum, but not sure how to do it. Maybe you could cut one of the legs and re-weld it after it's all cleaned out...


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When I rebuilt the trans on my MG B I used ( ZEP Heavy Duty Citrus Degreaser ) All the parts nuts bolts plates mounts etc. I soaked over night. It was stronger than I thought it removed paint and all. and being citrus no bad sent in garage. Did a good job on oil spills on garage floor also. It is my go to cleaner now. no solvent or gas to clean with any more even as a carb cleaner. Madflyer


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Sand blasting John? I had not considered that because of the left over sand getting into the engine, but I guess it is the same as dirt. I could sand blast them clean and then put them in the dishwasher when she is gone. She has never forgotten when I put the daughter’s valve covers in the dishwasher out of her Lexus.

When I pulled the mesh out of those years ago, the amount of fine dust and that came out really surprised me. the dirt was so fine, and filthy kinda weird dirt. I finally got the mesh back in, but I could not get the mesh to tighten up to the outside. I used some piano wire to hold the mesh back by twisting the wire in through the big hole, but again they looked wrong.

Madflyer I have some of that ZAP stuff somewhere and I remember it was strong. The stuff I had seemed very chemical, so it might be different. The ZAP I had was in a spray bottle.

Gasoline seems to take the paint off which is fine and it cheap, but it leaves a rusted finish, but I guess everything would once the paint is off.


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I got mine in gal. jug. my wife did not like Simple green and I found the ZAP much better and citrus smell. Just put it in a 5 gal bucket even dirty it still works. I just add as needed to cover parts and the dirt settles and drain the top that is good clean the bucket you can also put the lid on if needed. spills dogs cats kids. It will take paint off. Sand blast with glass beads or nut shell are what we used in aircraft school. When I did my air cleaner my wife wanted all chrome. I just said well OK Dear. Madflyer
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