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TR6 Researching potential next project car - Looking into TR6


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Hi all,
I've been looking into my next project/classic car. Currently I have an '85 Mercedes 300D that I've done a pretty thorough mechanical and cosmetic restoration on (500+ hours of work in it easily). I'm not likely to get rid of it quite yet, but I'd like to know a bit more so I can decide if this is even close to the right car for me. I haven't seen many TR6's at shows in the area, much less for sale, so I thought I might ask a few general questions.

I have a bad back, and live in a city with pretty bad roads. I had to get rid of my previous modern car (a Volvo C30 R-Design) due to the ride quality and road conditions. How well can the TR6 be made to ride? I found some information that indicates that adjustable shocks are available for a reasonable price. I realize that a sports car is never going to ride as well as my 300D, but can I get these to deal reasonably well with poorly repaired roads if I set the suspension up to be fairly soft and install high end tires? I'm not expecting a luxury car, but I'd be pretty happy with "average car" ride quality.

As far as electrical stuff goes, I'm fairly experienced - going so far as to build custom harnesses to modify my cars without cutting up the existing wiring. How much trouble should I expect from these? I realize they're probably about 20% as complex as my existing car, but are the components fairly reliable and/or rebuildable?

Parts availability seems good, in fact I'm located within driving range of a large retailer of British sports car parts. Are there any parts that I should be particularly aware of?

I realize rust is likely a problem, and since I'm not outfitted for rust repairs I'll be looking for a solid car, and doing a thorough pre-inspection should I find one I'm interested in.

I'm mostly interested in the TR6 because of the classic styling, and the 6 cylinder engine which seems fairly easy to get reasonable performance out of. I'm not looking for a autocross car or anything, but I do miss having a fun to drive car.


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Ride comfort compared to a MB300D isn't comparable...With a bad back and bad roads, consider something else beside a primitive Little British Sportscar if that really is a major concern.
But don't take my word for it...find one you can get in and out the seat, test drive, bend over the engine bay, look behind the dash, stuff like that.


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I agree with "poolboy" comments.
In your situation my choice would be a MK2 Jaguar or Daimler 250, both are comfortable classic cars....or maybe Triumph Stag that can be acquired with the easily accessible 6 cylinder engine rather than the problematical V8.


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Thanks guys! I will try to find one to test drive. I know without a doubt that no classic sports car will ride like my Benz, I would be fairly happy with something that rode as well or better than a modern economy car, say an Aveo - which i have been on 10hr drives in without an absurd amount of pain. The Jag mk2 is a gorgeous car, but probably out of my price range. I was also considering something like an XJS12 Convertable as another option. I probably need to find something in between the two.

Geo Hahn

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Jaguars have an exceptionally good ride for a car that handles well. An XJS12 is a beautiful car for usually reasonable money - but that V12 looks like a challenge compared to the simple engines I am accustomed to, both impressive and intimidating.


Luke Skywalker
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Just don't get a TR3. With the top up to get out I have to put my hands on the ground and crawl out. Understand about the human body failing. My knees and back are shot. I am completing my TR3A restoration (second time around for the car) and have a 69 TR6 waiting for resto. Don't know if I have it in me to complete it so thinking of selling it. Quite a ways from Kansas though. I have ridded in some Tr6s that are very smooth drivers. Just use original springs. What was a huge difference in my TR250 was going to machined aluminum wheels even with my uprated springs from Good Parts. Drives like a modern car. With softer springs and adjustable shocks front and back you should find a combo that works. Not sold on the new rear tube shocks because it brings in other problems but if your not pounding on your car it shouldn't be an issue. If you know anyone around you that would let your try out there cars like a LBC club I'd looking that before ruling out a TR6.
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