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TR4/4A Replacing TR4 rear wheel studs


Senior Member
I picked up a vintage set of American style wheels and need to replace the rear wheel studs (need longer) to fit.
I've changed out the front studs in the past, but never the rear.
Any tips/suggestions on doing this correctly, easily,.....


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
There is no "easily". Remove the halfshafts from the car (6 bolts with locktabs behind each brake backing plate), being sure to keep track of the shims. You can leave the brakes connected, but don't let the backing plates hang on the lines.

Use a die grinder or similar (Dremel will do but takes a long time) to grind away the back of the studs, where they are peened against the hub. Unscrew the studs and screw in the new ones; then peen them into place. Reinstall the halfshafts, putting the shims back the way they came out.

Don't forget you'll need new lock tabs. Might be a good time to replace the inner axle seals as well, if you see any signs of weeping from the bearing (indicating the bearing grease got contaminated with oil from the differential).


Darth Vader
My old racer had 1/2" studs pressed into enlarged holes in the axles.
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