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TR2/3/3A Replacement Battery


The optima battery in my 59 TR3A is about 17 years of age - and is still working fine. However, I figure it is way past due to quit and any given moment. When I replace this battery - I would like to replace it with a battery that looks more authentic to the Lucas batteries that came with the cars.

Any suggestions on what kind of battery looks authentic, has a good life/reputation, won't cost an arm and a leg and where they are sold?


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Moss has one, 459400, $289.95 in my out of date catalog. The "Lucas" sticker is another $4.25. I assume you can get tar tops cheaper but I think the original batteries were group 27 size and still quite pricey.


Thanks for the great info. Think I will go with the antique battery instead of the Tar Topper - without seeing one in person - no idea how real it actually looks.


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Same thing, I think. In the old days lead acid batteries were made by putting the individual cells into a cast plastic box (no idea what the material was) and then covering the top with semi hardening goo (tar). I do remember that the company that made them took back the old batteries and replaced the cells, sometimes only the bad one. These were sometimes sold as rebuilt. I think it may still possible to get an original tar top rebuilt.
Here's an example:
I really don't know how "original" reproduction tar tops and antique batteries are or look but I don't think you will find lots of variation.


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This is a story about how Iacquired my new battery. In January I drove up to Los Angeles from San Diego to put my Bugeye on display at the Convention center for three days. When the show was over and it was time to leave my Optima battery was dead. I had to get a push and kick started the car and drove out of the convention center and soon came to a red light where the car stalled again. I was in luck though because the guy in front of me in a red truck also had a bad battery. He had a jump starter and I got the Bugeye running again. I few blocks from where we were staying it died again so I called AAA.
A young Tripple A guy arrived and replaced my battery and all was good. The whole thing cost about $150 and after he took numerous pictures of a car he had never seen before I tipped him $20 bucks and we were on our way. I was lucky that he had the right size battery on his truck and hesaid he was sorry for not having a Optima replacement, but the battery he installed is working fine with no problems.
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