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Replacecment Miata Seat Covers


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A few months ago someone recovered the Miata seats they had in their Spridget. I believe the cost was somewhere around $150 for the kit. Does anyone have the link available for the site they were purchased? I'm considering this for a winter project on my car.
Yeah, Moss has some "slip-on" seat covers in the $150 range but they ARE NOT replacement covers. They go OVER the existing seats. One step up from terrycloth covers. Sorry, but probably not what you wanted to hear. Bob
I'm pretty sure that's the kit I used.
I opted for fabric inserts on the seat and back, cost a little more, but they look and feel great.
I think this is the thread you are thinking of Jim.

And here is the kit.

They were charging more for the tan color when I bought mine, that's a good deal.
If you haven't looked yet be prepared for about a thousand steel hog rings and some rust unless you are very lucky.
The new seats are really nice, also if you will be driving in the cold I highly recommend adding seat heaters.
Oh I see you are in Atlanta, maybe seat heaters would be overkill. :smile:
No seat heaters needed here, but headrest speakers are the bomb.
While the covers are off, replace them or install them for the 1st time.

I hear that Millenium makes good ones, or look on a Miata site.
I've got a set of Miata Seats in Bugsy my '68. There are speakers in your stock seats. Just look for the hidden zipper. And I really do enjoy blasting down the road top down and being able to hear the speakers. A set of 6 x 9's in the back deck and powering both speakers in both seats was a little much for my Sony AM-FM CD Player and it began blowing fuses when I cranked up the volume. Since 98% of the time I'm solo in Bugsy I disconnected the passenger side headrest speakers.

I'd opt for fabric inserts if available. Making the switch from sweaty vinyl in the summer was one of the real plusses for going to Miata Seats.
True, when it came to a choice (it did) for me the heaters won hands down.
I've got good 6x9 speakers in the back so I can hear fine.
When it's dark and cold out in the morning I get in and start the car and hit the seat heater button.
I'm getting warmed up from the back side way before the car heater starts warming up.
Then with both of them running I'm fairly comfortable even when it's below freezing outside.
Also there are holes in the console (later model) that the button switches can be pushed into for a nice tight look.


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So Rick are you using both the headrest speakers plus the 6 x 9's. I may have had an impedance mismatch but cranking up the volume equaled overloading the head unit and blowing fuses. I like the idea of seat heaters and that's a cool place for the switches. Now if I only find the time to upgrade to an alternator.
I have a Nissan alternator (Datsun 210 engine and 5 speed) so that's not a problem.
In fact both seat heaters and my halogens and my stereo, and my heater fan all work at the same time!
I don't have headrest speakers yet.
I would think that using a stereo unit with front and back circuits would be all you need, hook up the 6x9's to the back two circuits and the headrest units to the two front circuits.
Rick, Look again for the hidden zipper. Bet you find speakers when you unzip. Connecting the 6 x 9's to the Rear Channel and headrest DS and PS to the front channel worked fine until I cranked up the volume and then the power fuse to the CD Player blew. Not sure what the impedance is for those headrest speakers. I connected 2 + and 2 - wires together for the front and likely overloaded. Running the 6 x 9 + DS Speakers works just fine. Since my wife will not ride in Bugsy it's not an issue. Take care.
Jim, remember I have recovered these seats.
I have the zipper, I have the empty spaces where the speakers used to go.
Someone got to them before I bought the seats and took the speakers and boxes.
The wires are there.
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