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Removing air filters on AH


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Is there any easy way to remove the two air filters on my Mark II. I see the nuts to release them but it looks like I have to remove the entire carburator to get to them.


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I have a Mark III but the should be the same. There should be two nuts per filter. They can be removed with the carbs on. I use stubby ratchet wrenches(about 3 inches long). The hard part is putting them back with the lock washer. I have ground off a little of the stud to allow better finger access. I hope this compatable with your system. BJ8's are a tighter fit than your Mark II.


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Jersey -

Just use an open ended stubby wrench. Once loose they'll come right off with your fingers. No need to remove the carbs.


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Somewhere in the past 30+ years as a Healey enthusiast, I read that it was a good idea to obtain an inexpensive combination open-end wrench 1/2" on one end and 9/16" on the other, and cut it in half, resulting in two stubby-shafted open-end wrenches. It seems as though the recommendation was related to removal and replacement of the SU air filters. Over the years, each of these resulting wrenches has come in handy for other projects as well.



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I took a combo wrench of the correct size (1/2"?) and ground down the box end so that it was very thin. It doesn't take much torque to loosen. Once you get two - three partial turns on the nuts, the rest is easily done with your fingers.

The real trick comes in getting the nuts started back on the stud. When you do drop one of the nuts down in the frame, you will probably find others floating around down in there from previous owners (I found three).



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FWIW, to aid in not dropping the nut when trying to put in back on, I use a magnet pen. (disclaimer for correct name for this tool.) The magnet holds both the lock washer and nut together for the line up to the bolt.
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Regardless what you do there is an opening in the frame below the carbs that eats tools and parts. Stuff a rag in there before you do anything. Roger's magnet may also help you to retrieve things down that hole. I have one and use a bit of tube around the magnet so it will slide down into the frame easier(which other wise grabs the magnet). I like his way of holding the parts. I will try it this weekend since I'm pulling the head to replace the head gasket and the carbs need to come off. Thanks, Roger.


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I remember reading somewhere about drilling out maybe the stud holes and using bolts instead of the stud/nut setup. Since I don't have SUs, I didn't pay too much attention to the tech tip. I thought it was on Jim Werner's site. I hope he moved his valuable site 'cause the address I have says the server is shutting down.

John Turney

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I have a different air cleaner that uses bolts instead of the studs and nuts. Believe me, it's no easier, especially with HD8s.
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