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TR4/4A Removing a rear fender on a TR4


Jedi Knight
How difficult is it to remove a rear fender from a TR4? That would make working on it much easier but if taking it off creates more work than attacking issues with it in place, I will leave it on the car. I may end up painting the entire side of the car if I can't get a good match. There is a spot on the wheel well that could use some attention.


Country flag
Yep, corrosion on the fastener may turn the job from an easy one to a real pain. If you can loosen the fender bolts, the fender will come off easily.


Jedi Knight
Thanks guys, guess I'll pull the bumper and tail light off and see how easy it is to loosen those fender bolts. Getting the fender off will also allow a look at what lies beneath.


Darth Vader
I had a spot on my TR6 hood, was only going to paint the hood now 6 months later almost finished painting the entire car



Country flag
It is just bolted on, but it should be mentioned that the bolts are mostly up in a tiny narrow place that have little room for wrenches and your hand, because of the course threads on the bolts that hold the fenders on I have not had much trouble getting them off, but the bolt/nut that holds the bumper on on the sides and goes through the fender is another story, I think there is a spacer, it is usually rusted on solid. I have had much trouble with those on the couple of cars I have done the operation on. Use much penetrating oil before you start.

I think I have ended up cutting something in most cases
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