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TR4/4A remember the free tr4?


Jedi Warrior
Well here's some pix. If you remember, in the picture attached to the post, it still had rocker panels... Enjoy!






More pix can be found here; https://evilallianceracing.com/ipw-web/gallery/album239
Cool.. That's in better shape than the parts car I got once for $250... But not by much.
I like the steel dash. you don't see too many without the wood.
Have fun
I've seen worse. Man, it's free!!!

Funny thing is that you can probably get that sucker to run!
Sammy, I think you may be right! But would you be the brave little space monkey to take it for the test ride?(hehehe, I'm dumb enough to!) My buddy said there were parts falling off of it the whole 50 miles or so to my Mom's house! He said the only thing holding the d-side qtr on was the t-light! Oh well. After '06, I'm no longer running in the GRM $200X Challenge, so I'll have plenty of time and $$$ to start doing some resto projects. I'm affraid the frame on this car may be SOL, but who knows? What does a solid TR4 frame fetch? As far as welding and body work goes, I love it! If you guys looked around the album, you've seen the Stag shell.($52.00 on ebay!) I have one hit hard in the rear. I may use it to fix what I have, or maybe... a... challenge car... Funny rust on it. 14K original miles! Let's give it a go...Oh well, free is free, and I plan on treatin' her respectfully, and way better than a scrapper! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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