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"REMEMBER"; "THANK" a VET today for their Service


"REMEMBER"; "THANK" a VET today for their Service

Howdy Folks;

Just a reminder (I`m sure a reminder is not necessary)!

"Thank" a Vet today for their services of the past, present & future! /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/thankyousign.gif


Russ (Army / `67-`68 "Hue" Tet Offensive)
Re: "REMEMBER"; "THANK" a VET today for their Service

Indeed!! We have a debt to them.

And 1 in 4 homeless persons is a vet-
a national disgrace.

sorry Basil but worth mentioning.

Re: "REMEMBER"; "THANK" a VET today for their Ser

I was very lucky and got to do a special remembrance this year.
As I am still in France, I went to the Memorial for the L'Escadrille La Fayette. I was there at 11 AM and 90 years ago on the 11th month, 11th day, 11th hour the guns of WW 1 were silenced. My Grandfather served during this conflict not as an aviator but a sailor.
Here is a link to some images, this Memorial just went through about 3 years of renovation. The Indian Head was the emblem they used on the sides of the aircraft.
Each year they read the names and place a rose on each coffin in the crypt.

It gave me the goose bumps. I especially like the quote. I hope we as American's are always ready to do what needs to be done.

Re: "REMEMBER"; "THANK" a VET today for their Ser

Salute to all Veterans; thank you for your sacrifice that we may have a better life.
Re: "REMEMBER"; "THANK" a VET today for their Ser

Coming from my two families, with 10 uncles and a Father who were WWII Veterans, I never forget.

My late Father in Law and his two brothers were also in WWII and his Great Grandfather served with the Union Army (four years) in the Civil War.

Forgetting the military and ingratitude are not viable options in our family.
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