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Refinishing Minilite Magnesium wheels


These wheels are common to any car so I thought posting here would get a wider audience than just the Spridget section. I bought my Bugeye Sprite in 1969 and it came with a set of Minilite Magnesium wheels. These were on nearly every racer back then when I went to SCCA races, especially the super competitive G and H production cars.

Like everything else I have these need refinishing/restoration. I have researched and it seems Ferrari’s also came with magnesium wheels and there is a lot of information on refinishing. From that so far my plan is to:

  1. Test for cracks or leaks before anything else.
  2. Sand and soda blast to clean metal, and perhaps aircraft paint remover
  3. Clean thoroughly with degreaser/pre painting silicone grease wax remover
  4. Prime with PreKote Surface Pretreatment
  5. Paint and then clear coat

Like everything else on the Internet there are many differing recommendations, but this seems to be the consistent line on magnesium wheels. I know it would be a lot cheaper and easier to just buy a set of aluminum Panasports or similar but well, that’s not really what restoring is about for me so I am going to take the more difficult path less traveled.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has done this with Minilite magnesium wheels. Thanks!
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