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redline radials


Freshman Member
looking for the best price and experience regarding Miceliln X Redline radials or aftermarkt repos such as Coker's, ride quality and handling for a TR6.


Jedi Knight
First, redlines are not cheap (around $195/tire NOT SET OF 4) and they are not "high performance" tires. Coker Tires makes the tire under Michelin license and should be the same as the ones made in the '80's by Michelin. From time to time Coker sells "blims" in the redlines. I have looked at them and can not find any faults but I am not a tire expert. Blims are still not cheap at around $125. I like the looks of the redlines just like I like the reflector strip in the top. At the price of the tires, I wish the tread "looked" more like a sports car tread. Oh, plus you have to buy $20+ tubes.


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I've had the Coker Classic Redlines 195/75-r15's since 1998. I like the ride, nice in the rain, better than the Michelin Redlines I had on it before. Handling, it's still a tall tire, not that wide and I don't have any anti-roll bars, just Spax Shocks in the front, so I would say it's good.


We just got 4 from coker shipped for $500. for the 1966 Mustang. It was at a swap meet, though & for cash.

Don Elliott

Obi Wan
Try Diamond Back in South Carolina.


They will put red lines (or any color you want) on any tire you want (or already have). I remember seeing it being done by an older fellow with a rig he put under the wheels (one at a time) at Triumphest in Ventura, Calif back in 1992 or so. At that time he would go to all the car shows.

Don Elliott
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