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Recommendation for Healey mechanic in Naples/Ft. Myers Florida area?

Chet Zerlin

Jedi Trainee
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Hello all,

Does anyone know of an Austin Healy mechanic they would recommend in my area for work on my '59 100-6's?




Great Pumpkin
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Jedi Warrior
Chet, As far as your tranmission and overdrive unit go, I highly recommend John Esposito at Quantum Mechanics, he has rebuilt two tranmissions and overdrive units for me, a Laylock J type overdrive for my Tr-6 and my Bn4 Healey. He really does quality work and is a great guy to talk and deal with. He has tons of experance with Healey units. You can email him at John@quantumechanics.com or just call him at 203-463-8299. Don't worry about shipping your old unit to him as he will send you a pre made crate to ship your trans to him, then you will ship the empty crate back to him when you receive your newly rebuilt transmission. He has all the hard to find parts and gears as well. As far as the motor goes, maybe someone in the forum can help point you in the right direction. Hope this helps! One more thing, John has prebuilt units ready to ship as exchange, So... If you want your original transmission rebuilt and sent back make that clear to John.

Chet Zerlin

Jedi Trainee
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Thanks! I had another local person recommend Quantum Mechanics to me as well but I'm first trying to find someone within driving range of me if at all possible. If not then I will certainly reach out to John.


John Kuzman

Jedi Trainee
Chet -

I am down in Bonita Springs for the winter months. If you have not already done so, reach out to the members at the Southwest Florida British Car Club. Here is their site: https://www.bccswf.com/bccswf/index.cfm

They are a very active Club with a lot of talented and experienced LBC wrenches. They have a Tech Central location off of Bonita Beach Road where they gather to handle repairs. Great bunch of people.
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Check this fella here out he be down nere in the everglades some where- Randy Forbes

He show up on the forum quite frequently also talks about BMW's--:highly_amused:

Thanks for the plug!

Does anyone have a phone number for Randy?
You can shoot me an E-mail (erandyforbes at symbol aol.com) or a private message here.

I'll second John for XMSN & OVD work, as he can get his hands on parts that I can't (or don't have the connections for).

I can do the engine, depending on what your needs and time-demand are, but you have to accept that I'm just one man, and the BMW work keeps my plate overflowing (especially puzzling when you consider that I only work on a limited production model only built during a four-year period__'98-'02)

My resume' of sorts; early 100/6 Longbridge engine:


Links to pictures of that engine's build process at:

I had the luxury of time, as the chassis & body was being restored simultaneously (the restoration work pictures by Jim, aka healeyblue, are well worth your time to find on here and view). If you're looking for an engine to be ready for the 4th of July picnic, then I'm not your guy ;)

John Kuzman

Jedi Trainee
Chet -

I would further support the services of Randy based simply upon his unconditional offer of advice and assistance on this forum since I began my LBC journey; Coupled with the fact that he is also an Ohioan and Floridian, he has to be good! I think Randy is just a short haul up I-75 from me. I am just off Exit 116. If you need transport assistance for your vehicle, I have my truck and enclosed hauler, with winch, here in Florida until late March or early April. Just let me know if I can help.


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I've heard good things about Tsikuris Classics in Lakeland FL. Paul Tsikuris has been in business for 35 yrs or so. I have NFI or firsthand knowledge of his work as I've only seen the results.

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