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Rebuilding Tiger window regulator question


Freshman Member
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I’m rebuilding the drivers side window regulator on a 66 Tiger. Have the regulator repair kit from Sunbeam Specialties. The question I have is about how the torsion spring in the window crank housing holds the “star gear” to the plate on the shaft that the window handles slides onto. When I drilled out the rivets and removed the shaft housing I could hear the spring unwind. Other regulators I have worked with just have the window handle directly attach to the small gear on the regulator.

I’m looking for some guidance on how to hook that spring back up. The directions provided by Sunbeam Specialties does not mention this at all.

Thanks in advance!

Bob Claffie

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A few years ago when i was playing with some Tiger doors the instructions I had was adamant about "DO NOT LET THE SPRING UNWIND". You may just be out of luck.


Freshman Member
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Thanks, for the reply. Saw a different thread, I believe in the triumph forum, where they just put it back together without bothering to wind the spring. Did that and it seems to work fine when out of the car. Will see if it works when I install it in the door.


Obi Wan
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Try putting the winder in the full up position and hooking backup, then it should rewind as lowered. It's there to take some of the window weight so the crank operates easier.
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