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Rear View Mirror Repair on a 1976 TR


Freshman Member
Many thanks to all of you who pitched in with your thoughts last week regarding undercarriage rust protection. I am going with the Waxoyl. See this interesting article regarding Waxoyl and Land Rovers:


Anyway, last night my wife took the TR6 around the block for a spin, and upon her return, I found the interior rear view mirror resting comfortably on the passenger seat. My dearest wife decided to adjust the rear view mirror and proceeded to pop it off entirely.

Two questions. First, is it possible to replace the mirror glass itself? The mirror is in good shape but the reflecting glass is smoky around the edges. Before I get a whole new assembly, I thought perhaps I could take it to a mirror place and get the glass replaced. Any thoughts?

Second question: how do I get it back into place? I played with it for about 10 minutes and the rectangular base of the neck will not fit into the cradle. Do you loosen the screws on either side of the cradle, put it in, and then tighten them?

Thanks for the guidance.


Senior Member
If you look closely at the base of the mirror, you will see that the edges have a slight bevel to them. You need to loosen the two screws before the mirror will fit into the mounting bracket-similar to a sliding dovetail.
As for replacing the mirror itself, I've never done it. The entire assembly can be had new for under $50. from one of the Big Three.
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