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Rear spring length question.


Jedi Hopeful
Maybe a stupid question but are the rear springs possible to fit wrongly, are the centre pin to front shackle and rear shackle lengths both the same. I noticed that my rear wells are not central in the arch but think they were before I stripped it all out and reassembled. I've checked the axle to spring pin is located properly and both sides went in easily with no indication of problems but I didn't reference mark positions before the work....? ( I've not driven it yet so can't comment on handling traits and it's at the paint shop so I can't measure it.)


Darth Vader

I can only tell you that I have exchanged my BJ8 Phase 1 springs from side to side before deciding to add an extra 2nd leaf to each side and had no difficulty fitting them. My BJ8 P1 suspension is the same as that of previous non-BN1/2 models with the change taking place with the Phase 2. Since the forward and rear link remained in position when exchanging the left and right springs, the position of the pins would have remained at the same location.

Hope this helps,


Jedi Hopeful
Thanks Ray. I'm sure the overall lengths are the same. What I need to establish is if the rear spring has a specific front and rear orientation or are they totally symmetrical about the centre location pin.
Does that make sense?


The 7 leaf springs I bought for my BN1 fromDennis Welsh were specifically labeled "front" and "rear", for what it's worth.


Jedi Knight
Can you still fit the driveshaft? They probably are handed but you won't be able to install the driveshaft if installed wrong.


Country flag
I have my original springs off my BN6, which I just measured.

They are symmetrical - 17-7/8" from the center of the bushing on either end to the center of the toe bolt hole.

According to Moss, these springs fit all Healeys except BN1 & 2 and late BJ8.
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