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TR6 Rear-ended today and my beautiful TR6 is smashed..


Senior Member
Out enjoying a late-fall cruise today with the wife and while stopped on the road for a car in front to make a left turn, we got plowed into by a minivan doing 50mph.

My wifes back will be a little sore tomorrow and I got four staples in my head at the ER...BUT, enough with the unimportant stuff.....MY beloved TR6 is pretty banged up. In fact, it looks like the frame might be bent. I am absolutely heartsick.

My biggest fear now is that the other drivers insurance will want to declare a total loss being that its an antique. It may cost more to fix it than I bought it for @ 14k.

I have USAA as a servicemember, so they may ride to the rescue but I wonder if any of you have any advice on how to play the odds so that I can get my baby fixed.

I just took third in class two weeks ago at the Hunt Country Classic car show.....figures.

Carter -VA


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Definitely contact your insurance company, as they should be willing to help you. In many cases, they will go ahead and pay for the car to be repaired, while they pursue the other company into court if necessary.

Keep in mind that it is the legal responsibility of the driver of the minivan to "make you whole". If their insurance company tries to cheat you, you can go after the driver directly. And unless you let them, they cannot base your car's value on something written in a book, or what you paid for it. It has to be the current fair market value; meaning they either pay what it costs to repair your car to the same condition it was in before the accident, or to buy another car in that condition. If it was a show-winner, then you get another show-winner; no matter what the other company may tell you.

I'd suggest looking around for equivalent cars for sale, and documenting them. If the ins co rep gives you any static, remind them of their legal duty to "make you whole" and say "You can buy me one of these".


Jedi Warrior
That's a darn shame. Randall has the right advice and it's based on experience unfortunately. After having that almost happen to me, I am positively ANAL about that exact situation. Most importantly neither of you appears to have major injuries, but once again don't take any BS about that aspect of the incident either, you could find in a month that you've got a major headache or neck problem.


Jedi Knight
Do Not let their insurance company take the lead. Have USAA handle everything even if it means you may have to pay the deductible. In most cases they'll recover your deductible too. USAA are the insurance Pros and if you try and handle this yourself the other insurance company will just jerk you around until you cave and accept whatever they are willing to pay. Other then that I hope you have on file lots of pictures of your car showing its condition. It's also worth a search of eBay's completed auctions to see if those sales can help you set a car value.

Good luck.


Jedi Knight
Thank goodness you two survived it ok. Our cars don't have all the modern design to absorb those kind of impacts.
Some good advice on the insurance aspect above but keep in mind you're fortunate from a medical perspective.


Jedi Warrior
Country flag
I had the TR3A out for a Fall spin today.
On the North end of town at a stop light I found a beautiful
1964 1/2 Ford Mustand...that had been beautifully restored...
That had just been rear ended by...you got it...a MINI VAN!
So sorry to hear about your loss. Don't let up on the pressure with the insurance people to restore you! Look out for you...they will have no problem looking out for themselves!
1960 TR3A


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First of all I (we) are very glad that no one was hurt to badly. The car can and will be fixed. I had the same experiance last May. After a year long restoration I was rear-ended also. That night I was heart broken and sick about the car. From my experiance You will get what YOU feel the car is worth and do not sign any thing! You need to talk to a lawyer (ugh) but it is there job to help you thru this. After my accident I got exactly what I felt was right for the TR3 and I also got to keep the TR. We are still working on the medical aspect of the crash. In a short time you will feel better and maybe even get a better car out of the deal. Again I am glad that you and your Wife are OK. The car will be fixed up again.
P.S. Did I mention see a lawyer?


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
You're lucky to be OK. Sorry about the car. How terrible. Slowing down for anyone to turn is a tense moment anymore.

What is it about those Minivans?

Your damage is the market value of the car, or the cost of repair, whichever is less. An insurer, as you likely know, may pay more than market value to repair a car in rare cases, perhaps just to settle, but the general rule that the law doesn't encourage economic waste by requiring payment for repair costs that exceed the value of a damaged item.

Insurers often contend that market value is some ridiculously low figure.

If it were me, I'd get an opinion from your most trusted British Sports Car shop as to the value of your car, prior to damage--if they will do you that favor. That's what insurance companies require when you ask to increase the coverage to today's "market" on Ebay and elsewhere. They want an appraisal.

Like others have said, don't even think of taking less than what that car was worth, and I'd sue them before letting them give me some figure in an old book.

With the 100K+ posts on this Board, we all know what has happened to TR values over the past five years. The painful part will be waiting for the repairs and finding the shop you trust the most.

I'd get the best body shop in town to give me the repair estimate, and I'd let your British Sports Car expert know where you plan to have the work done.

Good luck.


Jedi Knight
I an REALLY glad that you and your wife are OK. As sad as what happened to your TR6 is, I am REALLY glad that you and your wife are OK.

Because, you might need to be in top shape to get a proper settlement on your car.

That said, I got side-swiped last July in my TR3, and the other guy's insurance company, while slow, was entirely fair about it. It might not be all gloom and doom.


Country flag
I agree - at least you & the Wife are OK.
I hope that you come out of this allright.
Don't ever take the first offer they give you.
Fight for a fair & reasonable offer.
I was hit by 2 people almost exactly 2 years
apart from each other (I'm still a little paranoid-
about people running lights/stop signs).
The first offer will probably be low,but wait
it out,& possibly talk to a supervisor of the person
making the first offer.
I hope things work out for you.

- Doug


Hi Carter,

Happy to hear that your Wife & Yourself are OK. Sorry to hear about your TR6.

At 50mph; Man, That had to create some serious damage. I got hit in the drivers side door in a parking lot one day in my TR4A. "My" Ins. Co. (Then Condon & Skelly) came to the rescue within 3 days. They settled "Very Handsomely" I may add.

In the event of a "Total Loss"; I sure hope you had "Agreed Upon Value"!!

Best Wishes,



Darth Vader
Did you have Antique auto insurance too? I have USAA and when I purchased my TR6 4 years ago, I called USAA to insure it, told them what I paid for it and they said I could get liability insurance, in case I hit someone but If someone hit me and the car was totalled I better get antique auto insurance from someone else cause USAA would only go by book value which was around 500 dollars, You need to call them promptly and see what you have and I would get your neck brace on if the other insurance company tries to cheat you, cause thats there job, sorry but dealt with other insurance companies before and unless you are hurt they tend to be cheats

good luck and glad you are ok



Just because you think that you are alright, go to a doctor and get checked out. Expecially neck injuries as I was in a similar accident 20 years ago and thought I was OK, but neck damage surfaced a couple of years later and I have suffered from week long head aches ever since.

As Randall stated to be made whole is called indemnity and is the core of the insurance code. Both you and your car must be put back in the condition before the accident. And the minivan driver's (on the cell phone?) insurance must do this.


Great Pumpkin
There is no substitute for a good insurance company and a good doctor in a case like this. And if it gets silly with the other insurance company (use yours, don't wait for them) a good lawyer can always get the ball moving quicker.


Senior Member
Please keep us posted. I would like to know.

USAA is likely the top rated company in the US. You should get great service.

I have used them for 35 years off and on.


Jedi Hopeful
bricktop said:
Out enjoying a late-fall cruise today with the wife and while stopped on the road for a car in front to make a left turn, we got plowed into by a minivan doing 50mph.

My wifes back will be a little sore tomorrow and I got four staples in my head at the ER...BUT, enough with the unimportant stuff.....MY beloved TR6 is pretty banged up. In fact, it looks like the frame might be bent. I am absolutely heartsick.

My biggest fear now is that the other drivers insurance will want to declare a total loss being that its an antique. It may cost more to fix it than I bought it for @ 14k.

I have USAA as a servicemember, so they may ride to the rescue but I wonder if any of you have any advice on how to play the odds so that I can get my baby fixed.

I just took third in class two weeks ago at the Hunt Country Classic car show.....figures.

Carter -VA

Do you have any pictures you can post?


Freshman Member
I can definitely feel your pain. I had the same story (although right in my own front yard!) at slower speed, but with a lot of damage as well. It won't make you feel any better, but if you want to compare scars, see https://www.6-pack.org/sixpack/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=11649&sid=6d6f23ce65cfdfc57f42b476ff00d89e
I believe the insurance regulations and procedures are probably different stteside vs here in Canada, but the specialty insurance has saved this one from the scrapper...
I hope you and your wife have no ill effects from this, and that you are able to get your car back in show-winning shape again!
All the best!


Jedi Warrior
Wait a minute, you were STOPPED and the moron hit you at 50mph? 1)whats the speed limit there, just curious. And 2) Does someone have to die before the police will investigate cell phone use. Theres really no way to prove she/he was on a cell phone unless the phone company says they were. A 50mph impact pretty much means they didnt even BEGIN to apply pressure to the brakes only AFTER they hit you. Did they fall asleep? Had a seizure?!? There must be SOME explanation as to why they didnt even bother slowing down for a car like yours. Its not like you were in their blind spot or something.

Its sad that we live in a society where everyone sues everyone for any little tiny thing, especially since ambulance chasers love cases like these, but I agree with going after the driver. Thats why liability is the law. If they cant cover 100% your injuries and/or car, then you have no choice but to sue. Insurance companies can be the worst. I have always been healthy, but my rates were so high because they feared that I would be a baby factory despite having no children. One day I fell, shattered several teeth and had to get 8 stitches. I ended up going in to debt because my own insurance company wouldn't pay despite being with them for years and never filing a claim. This injury was covered, but every time claims were submitted they were denied.

Now a car that old has no price tag. Antiques are kind of difficult to price as there is no book value, only market price. Well what if theres not a whole lot of these for sale? especially in that condition? What if the car had an even bigger value, like say it was your fathers, and youve had it since new, thats the car you learned to drive in, got married in, etc.? This is also why many people get collector car insurance. Its to cover yourself in case the other morons insurance totals it. They get their money back by threatening the other company with how much your car is worth for you. Ive known of so many who allowed insurance companies to write them a check for $1000 and total the car just because thats what 20yo cars went for, despite not being able to find ones in mint condition like theirs since no ones restoring them. In some cases they were totaled from just a mear scratch in the paint!

I would contact an attorney that specializes in just this because they would know what to do. They will know if they need to go after the insurance company or the driver. I heard that they go after the driver, and they have to then bring the case to their insurance. Again, I dont know.

Also an impact like that I fear the worst. This wasnt some fender bender or bumper thumper. You both could have life long back problems. I know of 3 people who do from accidents such like this. I dont know what kind of price you can put on pain like that because Ive never suffered it, and you never know just how bad its going to be until years later when you wonder why you havent healed yet. Thats why people always harass you on whether your ok or not. In many cases your so shooken up that you may not even feel any pain until later. This is how many people die of internal bleeding. They dont know their hurt because all they feel is adrenalin, and they dont visually see any external injuries
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