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Rack & Pinion steering for 3000


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Has anyone on this forum actually modified a Sprite or MG (or any other) rack & pinion steering to fit on a 3000? I would sure like to know what all is involved.
Thanks, Richard


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Michal Salter has a build thread for his Targa car. I think it's on Larry Varley's site. Acme fluid something. Sorry I don't have the exact link on my phone.


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I put it on my TR3 and that car needed it, steers like a truck. But I always thought the Big Healeys did not need it.



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Hi Richard,

I expect that your interest in a Rack & Pinion steering replacement will probably be an integral part of an overall plan that includes other suspension mods. I would appreciate hearing what suspension modifications you have made, or will be making, to secure more accurate steering and road/track stability?

Thanks and all the best,
Ray (64BJ8P1)
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I have a Sprite Rack and pinion on my 100-6. Took some work, but it works.
Sprite R&P can be the right solution-better than MG B R&P-
Randy have you some photos of the MOD?? how are your impression at the steering wheel -lightweight and driving precision??


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I haven't driven a stock steering Healey in years, so I can't really compare. I suspect a well built stock system would compare well. Sorry I don't have any photos of it. This one also has a Sprite steering shaft with universal joints down to the rack. It was done so that it could be changed back to stock. The critical move was getting the geometry right to minimize bump steer.


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I do suspect the r&p is superior to the old stuff. That said, when I rebuilt mine I put in a DWM 5-axis cut steering shaft, all new stuff in box, and after getting the free play dialed in (took a few tries)... I have to say it's really very good... almost 0 free play, very responsive, etc.... I couldn't ask for much more. I should note I have adjustable front suspension (Varley's adjustable shock mounts from Australia) set at 1/2 deg. negative camber and Udo Putzke's Bilstein kit, Mini-lite wheels, etc.... so, I suspect (or hope) these items contribute to the overall steering quality.

MAF-Concours2013 23 DDLs.jpg
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Probably the best way to get a good handling Healey is in addition to using the Sprite rack and pinion is to swap all the other big Healey parts for ones from this: :jester:


The late Frank Clarici (known as "Spritenut" on this forum) bought a big Healey after years of Sprite ownership and was, to say the least, vociferous in his disappointment over the way it handled.
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