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Quick question - 1500 wiring for coil


Jedi Knight
Hi all,

I foolishly pulled off all five connectors when replacing my coil. Now I have five wires, and I'm not sure which are supposed to connect to which posts.

They're all the original wires, white with various stripes (blue, green, etc.) Anyone have a wiring diagram handy? And/or, I have a multimeter; how can I check which ones go where?



The white/green wires (should be two going into one connector) go to the positive terminal. The blue/white wire(s) connect the tach. The remaining wires will depend on which replacement ignition system you have as it is EXTREMELY unlikely you have the stock OPUS(croakus) ignition system that came on the car.

On my car, the DPO had taken the many connectors left over from the OPUS system and just kinda plugged them in "where ever."


Jedi Knight
Done! For once, the Haynes seems to have been correct... White & green / White & black to the coil, White & Blue / Solid White to the resistor. Hasn't started yet, but that's more due to lack of throttle cable and/or lack of carb settings. Thanks guys!

I am a little puzzled as to one wire... the black, fabric-covered wire that used to attach to the outside of the distributor, and that is energized when the key is in the Acc/On positions.


What the heck do I do with this thing now, chop it off & wrap it up?



Just wrap it up. With my setup all I had to do was find power when the ignition was energized.

You got your tach connection, right?


Ugh! Black/white to the negative terminal. I am sorry. The blue/white and the resistor is left over from the opus croakus. The black wire looks like a ground. If you disconnect the green/white from the positve side and turn the key on, do you still get power to the black wire?
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