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TR6 Question on Steering Wheel Puller for 1974 TR6


Freshman Member
What is the best puller (make & model) to use to take an OEM steering wheel off a 1974 Triumph TR6?
I have a lot of "wiggle" in the steering wheel & it also squeeks a bit when turning. I would like to take the OEM steering wheel off & grease or replace the column bushing. I've taken off the horn push button & steering wheel center nut, but the steering wheel is on the column spline too tightly to get off without a puller.


Luke Skywalker
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Most standard two or three arm 6 inch puller will do the trick, but first try your penetrating oil, let set a bit and work the wheel back and forth while pulling the h*** out of it and if you have a friend to tap on the shaft with a hammer all the better, leave the nut dead level with the end of the shaft to keep from flaring. Read up on the bushing replacement as it can be a bear, if not taking the right sets.


Andrew Mace

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Wayne beat me to suggesting that very method. I will add that if you are the one pulling on the wheel, get yourself a helmet with chin guard or a hockey goalie mask, or just accept the 70% chance that you will have a sore jaw and/or upper chest when the wheel flies off.... :grin:


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Agree with Wayne have pulled many steering wheels that way, usually by myself with one hand applying pressure behind the wheel. Will add don't forget some grease or anti- sieze on the splines so it comes off easier next time, even if next time is many years down the road.


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If you are going to replace the bushings anyway, you can disconnect the shaft at the other end of the column, and just pull the shaft and wheel out together.


I applied pressure with my knees while working it at the top. Came off without much fuss.


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Thanks to all for the good advice. Yesterday was my first day joining the British Car Forum. Wow, you guys are very knowledgeable & very generous to take the time to respond to my question. I bought my 1974 Memosa TR6 new & have been enjoying it as a daily driver most years since then. Thanks again for the good info.


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I have found that the easiest way to remove the steering wheel is to back off the hub nut until it is even with the shaft, grab hold&pull the hub with one hand while striking the nut with a hammer(lead knock off hammer is better). This loosens the wheel and the nut prevents damage to chin and threads on the shaft. Berry


I have always done something similar to what DougF and Titanic suggest above. What I do is basically what John Twist does in his YouTube videos. A little penetrating oil is applied to the shaft with the nut loosened and flush with the end of the shaft. Then wedge your knees behind the arms of the steering wheel to push it towards you. Place a BIG drift on the nut and strike the drift with a big hammer. Under load and impact the hub will come off after a couple of blows. Leaving the nut on the shaft protects the threads and it also keeps the wheel from flying off and hurting you. The drift keeps you from damaging the hub from wild hammer blows.
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