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TR6 Proper alignment of gearbox front cover plate


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In the process of re-installing my gearbox after having it out to change out seals and gaskets, and to install the magic clutch kit. I'm looking at the front cover plate (that the release bearing slides on) and I notice that there is what appears to be a return passage for oil that finds its way in front of the front bearing. My inclination is to align this oil passage with a hole at the 9 o'clock position (when looking from in front of the gearbox) that is open to the gearbox interior. However, I see a picture in the gearbox disassembly tutorial found on the Buckeye Triumphs website and it shows the oil return bump out oriented at the bottom! What is the proper orientation of the front cover plate?


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Thank you Berry. Is that the Bentley manual by chance? There's no mention of alignment or even a picture in my Bentley manual that I can find.


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Dave-I happened to have a TR4 factory manual handy and that is what I used as a reference. Also, my TR6 Haynes manual says "It should be positioned to left when looking at the first motion shaft".
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