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MGB Project car done; front end clunk noise while braking


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Gentlemen (Maybe Ladies Too):

I have recently finished my project car which I found in a field in Northern CA one year ago. Having owned an MGB in my early 20's, I guess like a lot of us, I am reliving my youth owning this automobile. It's a 1978 MGB with a body having no rust but was in need of work (bad paint and a few small dents). I had been searching for a 1960's vintage car but found this and being my first restoration it has served the purpose.

On to the issue # 1 (I'll do issue #2 in a separate post): I have a "clunk" when applying the brakes while in motion. There is no "clunk" while the car is stationary. Initially, I thought the noise was coming from the MC. Last weekend, I jacked the car and had my wife sit in it to apply the brake while I manually spun each front wheel. Did the driver's side first and no "clunk" was heard. Then I tried the same experiment with the passenger front wheel and the noise was heard. I was very excited to have at least located the area where the noise appeared to be coming from. I want to say I have a caliper problem but I would think I would hear the noise even if the wheel was stationary. There appears to be even wear on the rotor. I have new pads installed. I have installed new poly bushings on the control arms. I've torqued everything in the front end to spec. The main cross member bushing are worn somewhat but everything is tight and they still look functional. I did convert the wheels to wires (with new bearings) but have a tight wheel and have checked for movement at the hub nut. Seems OK.

Before I replace the calipers, can someone give me an opinion on this. Other forums have many complaints which seem unsolved on this issue. If I have a caliper issue, why doesn't the noise occur while the wheel is stationary. I don't have to spin the wheel very much to hear it but the wheel must be moving to generate the "clunk".

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Thank, Joe


Great Pumpkin
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Possibly the pad(s) moving in the caliper?

Another WAG would be the kingpin lower bushing.

And welcome aboard!


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Welcome aboard indeed, i had a clunk in my rear axle, my first step was to get under the car and tighten every nut and bolt i could see, clunk wnet away - it might be worth trying the simple things first.


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Thanks, John-Peter,

I have tightened everything I could lay my hands on, to specified torque setting. No luck.
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