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Progress Latest on the Frogeye.


Senior Member
Progress up-date on the Frogeye.

Well I've not posted on these forums for some time due to some stuff going on but I've finally got back into working on the car and thought I'd give you all a bit of an update.

Installed electronic distributor, made a world of difference for starting ease.

Dumped the SU's and fitted a new Weber, jetted correctly to match the engine it's released a bit of power and once warmed up is more responsive then the SU's ever were.

Removed the windscreen and fitted aero screens that I'd kept from my TR.

Got a new fibreglass Frogeye bonnett and forward hinge kit, not fitted as yet but cant wait to dump the stupidly heavy steel bonnet and get my forward hinge FG one fitted.

Set up the passenger seat to also slide on runners. Helps with access to the boot.

Got new Mk2 electric tach to fit once I dump the generator and fit an alternator.

One job I knocked over and hopefully will pay dividends was fixing the camber problem on the drivers side front wheel.
This was a big issue and something I unfortunately did not notice when I bought the car for if I had I may not have done the deal. Anyway I discovered that the top of the tyre on the drivers side was leaning out. Putting a spirtit level against the wheel showed it to be half a bubble out as opposed to the passenger side.
Clearly the car has something in it's history that trashed it's steering geometry but from driving it you'd not think anything was wrong.

Anyway, I was begining to dispair as I thought there'd be no easy fix and was really thinking of selling the car on again and not spending any more on it till a guy at the club meeting suggested I make up some shims and putting them under the drivers side shock absorber. You cant get a lot of adjustment this way but hopefully it would be enough. After a few attempts I got the camber to come back into range again. Now the front end alignment for toe in/out is wrong but that's not such an issue so with hope I'm now re-enthused that I can find some love for the car.

Seats still need re-trimming, the hood needs a bit of material let into it as though it's in good order it's shrunk and is a bastard to fit.
Car has to be re-carpeted and some re-wiring has to be done.

The car is a driver, has been since I bought it but hopefully now I can get it to be something I want to drive instead of leaving in the garage.

I'd like one day to swap the 1100 engine for a 1275 and fit disk brakes but I think that'll be a long way down the track.
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