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Problems disassembling a Weber side-draft DCOE


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I've got a 40DCOE that I cannot get the choke out of (the last removable piece to slide out of the body). One side (choke and venturi) came out no problem but the other side (venturi no problem) is proving to be impossible.
I've removed any and all securing parts; soaked it in penetrating fluid; tried tapping it out past the butterfly; built an extractor (two large flat washers stacked on the butterfly side, with a threaded rod passing through them and held in place with a nut; the other end comes out the intake of the Weber and through a chunk of angle iron with a nut to hold the assembly together and to apply a force to pull the choke out). No luck at all.
I want to change the chokes etc. etc. and install on our 1275, but things are definitely not going well.
Wisdom, anyone? Thanks, Doug


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Choke retaining screw still in the carburetor body? If its has been removed, than you have corrosion between the choke and carburetor body. Soak with PB blaster then try to twist choke to brake the bond, then extract.

You want be able to twist it much due to they drop into a dowel slot so don't get over zealous with the twisting.
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Chickening out a bit: will be buying a 40 DCOE (along with a Toyota intake manifold) monday for good value, and am assuming it'll be disassembleable (if that is a word). This will (touch wood) allow progress and (worst case) e-bay will allow me to pass on the troublesome one to someone who wants 32 mm chokes - and I'll sure advise as to why I'm selling it. Doug (PS: might try pulling the throttle shafts and using a wooden dowel to try to tap it out)
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