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Prepping Floors Before Installing Interior


Freshman Member
Hi, I have a '74 tr6 and am putting in a complete new interior. I removed old interior and the floors and panel have an old (factory? ) thin coating over the paint along with a little surface rust in a couple of spots. What is the suggested method to prep for new interior? I'm thinking wire brush on drill then sealing with a rust inhibitor...or?


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Just a general comment: One of those cheap HF angle grinders plus a cup type wire brush that threads onto the shaft will both hold up a lot better, and take off paint, etc a lot faster than a drill-mounted brush.
or for a bit less aggressive cutting

Be sure to wear appropriate protection, it will throw wires at you and they hurt like **** if they hit a soft spot (like your eyes). Getting rust spots ground out of your cornea is no fun at all!

My experience (not on a TR6 specifically) is that there is always a bit more rust hiding where it has eaten into the metal, so a "rust converter" type product (that chemically converts any remaining rust) seems to work better.


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If you are doing the complete floor it may be worth getting a can of POR15 to apply after you have done the rust conversion. That stuff sets like epoxy. Not cheap and wear gloves because it is almost impossible to get it off your hands. Lacquer thinner works if it is still wet.



Freshman Member
Most of the floors are in good shape and still have factory blue paint covered by a thin black coating. I will do what you guys said on the few surface rust spots, thanks. I'll try to post some pics today.


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The coating could be contact adhesive.

You are lucky to have found a car that was that well cared for that the floors survived for 40+ years.



Freshman Member
These are what i'm working with. Right side had small repair welded in- looks like it was done right.


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Obi Wan
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Wish mine were that clean!
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