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Powertune booster for a bj8 , trouble installing


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Hello , I am having trouble physically installing a Powertune brake booster on my BJ8 . Maybe I am doing something wrong I just can't seem to get it to fit, mounting it in the original location . I am using the extra mounting bracket for Healey application . There were no instructions other than generic one that really did not relate to my car. Can someone please send me a photo or 2 , from underside of the car and possibly instructions for a BJ8 , Thank you for any help , Jeff


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HI I am thinking that unit is more readily adapted to cars that mount the Master cylinder and servo on the fire wall???


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Hello , I originally reached out for more info on installing a Powertune brake booster ( servo ) on my BJ8 and would like to help the next person and give a bit of feedback on my installation experience . I have work on British cars for 50 years and did find it a bit of a pain . The Powertune un it is built to fit a various cars with the same booster. The instruction were not helpful and needed to be instructions created for individual cars . I purchased the extra bracket for a Healey , which worked but I had to redrill the mounting holes , once I figured how the booster was mounded . There is little clearance when mounted and will have to remove booster if I were to have starter problems. Other issue I had was with the brake pipe supplied in the kit ,the threads were to short and not allowing pipe to seat against flare. Once all sorted out it does preform well , next time I may look into a different brand servo, try to rebuild mine or not use one . Happy Healeying , Jeff
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