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Possible Mini Gauges?


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Hi, new member, have had various English vehicles over the the last 45 years. I have a question about a Instrument Cluster I have had for years. Every so many years I drag it out and try to ID it with little success. The Speedometer is a Smith's marked SN4418/00. The only reference I have ever found said it was for a Mini(which may or may not be true) but nothing more. I have looked at a lots of BMC dashboards and the only thing even close is for the Moke. It may not even be for BMC. It has a voltage stabilizer on the back, which I think was introduced somewhere in the mid 60's. The front panel is metal with wood grain finish. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. min5em.jpgmin3em.jpg
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Google picture search shows it is out of a 1970 Austin 1100 (or something similar). The hole in the upper left corner is where the key should be.


Can you also post a picture of the back?

It is not a "stock" Mini assembly and appears to be part of an aftermarket wooden dash. "Rokee" is the most common wooden dash but the layout of the switch holes and lack of 2" gauge holes says that's not what you have.

The gauge itself would be for any number of possible "non-Cooper" and "non-S" Minis. There should be an additional 4 digit number near the odometer window. Those 4 digits define the "turns per mile" number and will help identify what cars the gauge is suitable for.

The picture shows a "sharp edge" bezel on the speedometer and four (4) tightly spaced Philips (or PoziDrive) screws. That identifies the gauge and panel as for/from a Mk1 (up to 1967). The fuel gauge is the voltage stabilized type which means it is suitable for Minis built from 1965 on.


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Thanks for the info so far. I could only find one photo on the internet showing a panel of the suggested vehicle looking through the steering wheel with the door open, not great photo or angle.



Thanks for the additional pictures. I'm afraid I cannot add much to what I posted earlier.

The voltage stabilizer and the "sharp" bezel on the front say it is a Mk1 speedo made between 1964 and 1967. The 1376 and 90 MPH scale identifies this as a speedometer used by regular Minis (not a Cooper or -S).

The angle drive on the input is not stock for the Mini and was probably required because of that custom wooden dash center section. I have not seen that particular design center wood panel.


Freshman Member
I have a 1967 Moke and my numbers are a match to yours. Not sure what the dash would be out of? There were companies in the 60's such as Radford that upscaled the Mini but from what I found they had more gauges. The 4 screws in the front say it bolted up to the bezel frames used the 60's Coopers or Super Deluxe Mini.


  • Moke Speedo.JPG
    Moke Speedo.JPG
    678.4 KB · Views: 191


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Like debracrow, the shape and layout of the panel suggests to me ADO16 Austin 1100. Perhaps someone has made a wafer of real wood and fitted it to the 1100 panel?


  • 1967-austin-1100-2-door-left-hand-drive-8.jpg
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