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Posi-Ground BMC radio


Jedi Warrior
hey guys. went I was going through some stuff last night I found a AM radio with "British Motor Corporation" on it and in permanent marker on the side was written positive ground. the plate and bezeling are in gorgeous condition. and the knobs and push buttons work well as well apparently.

my question is how do I go about testing this thing to see if it works. I am not very good with wiring or electrics and I don't have a posi ground car at my disposal any ideas?



Great Pumpkin
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Hook ground or case to battery positive terminal. Hook power lead to neg side of battery.

Hook up antana and turn on.

A couple of wires with allagator clips works great.


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Be very careful not to let the radio case touch anything on the car. This is a job that I prefer to do on the bench, with a spare battery and antenna (old coat hanger works in a pinch)
Cheers Ric


Luke Skywalker
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Zack, on a lot of the BMC radios there is a round plug on the side of the radio that allows you to switch it to NEG. ground. If you have this little plug, just unplug it and turn it around and plug back in. Wayne


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Hey Zack... just box it up and send it on down to me!

BWUUHAAHAAHAAAA!!!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Zack - I've got a couple of them - hook up a speaker & apply 12V
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