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Polishing Foggy side curtains on BT7


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Hello all,
My side curtains and rear window on the hardtop are foggy/ hazy and need cleaning. Any recommendation or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Glasgow

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Replacement plastic windows are available at most suppliers and will be a better solution than trying to refurbish the old ones. Some folks have had the replacements panels made at a plastic supply house using the old ones as a pattern. I have a hardtop and have used the polish that is made to refurbish plastic headlights. It works fairly well but others may offer a better solution.
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I've used the stuff that's sold to de-haze plastic headlight covers; it worked OK. It's basically a very fine polish, followed with a type of clear coat. One was recommended over others, but I don't remember what brand it was.
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More for routine cleaning, though I've personally used it to remove relatively heavy oxidation and minor scratches on both sidescreens and much more often, soft-top back windows.


As I looked up while tying this, there's also a can within reach of THIS laptop, works great on comuter screens too! I keep it in both garages, the laundry room, and carry it (and Invisible Glass) in most of my car trunks too.



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not to sidetrack the thread but is there a good conditioner to restore the tops on these cars. my bn6 top is a bit faded but is in very good condition! any recommendations appreciated.
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Randy (F)--

Please check your aol email account for a message.

Drone Dog

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i have used this stuff for years. have no idea where i bought it. i can't say the cleaner does a real good job but the polish seems to work nicely on the rear window. used it on many cars.

i just bought side curtains plastic from AH so have not tried it there.


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I use the same polish on the rear window that I use to buff out a fresh paint job. But you need a power buffer. I don’t really know if it will work on the side curtain plastic. But if it screws it’s up then you have a better excuse to buy new pieces. If it turns out hazie that means it is full of very fine scratches. So u could keep trying to go to finer and finer polished with fine super soft pad. Some polishes work best for fine work if you don’t let them go dry. Put the stuff on, buff a little bit then before it starts to look dry stop the machine and finish the final buff by hand.


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Been using the Meguires for years, works OK. Now that I saw how easy a replacment can be made (on Wheelr Dealers), might be the route on browned plastic. Just need a walking foot extended arm machine. $150 replacement for trim shop, would need 6 tops to do to pay for machine.
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