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TR4/4A Play in steering pinion & rack mount mod


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Doing my winter maintenance on my 63 TR4 CT 12972. I noticed some play in the steering. The inners and outers seem tight, but I noticed some play in the steering pinion. The play is up and down, not side to side. I see there is a bushing available, is this difficult to replace? My TR has the earlier "ear" style rack mount. Since I am running 6" rims and modern tires I am thinking of reinforcing these as I have heard they flex. Any pictures out there of how to do?


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Thanks for the info. Looks like I bolt some strap using the existing u bolt holes and weld to the cross tube. I should be able to do this if I remove the radiator and form the strap around part of the tube. I didn't find any pictures, do you have any? Do I put the strap on the front side of the ear between the ear and the rack or slip it inside the channel on the back side? I thought of using solid round or strap and welding it to the side of the ear and angling it down to the cross member, I thought the welding position would be a little easier. Welding to the tube should be doable. I think it is going to snow all winter, so this is a good project.


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I rigged up a dial gauge at the top of the "ear" and had the wife turn the steering wheel side to side. It deflected at total of .012" The car is resting on an elevated smooth steel platform.
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