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MGB Picked up the MGB


Jedi Knight
I started a new one here rather than continue about the MGb I found and bought in Farminton NM...because while there, I found the neatest 80 Spifire at the ladies next door neighbors house. On the way ther...at the exit off I-25 going North, we were turning and a semi driver decided he needed to be in the exact spot my son-in-laws new cartrailer needed to be. Nearly shoved us off the overpass onto the intersate, but the truck has power so was actually able to drag the mess out from under his rig. Lots of damage but while the driver(didn't speak much English)was being pounced on by Local police and DOT, they escirted us to a great repair place that was able to cobble us back together and we got the MGB..a very worrisome 190 mile drive from that point..and 400 more mile back home. Anyhow..the Spitfire has a uncranked crate motor, a arms and most under carriage parts are Chromed...never seen anything like it. Its a med. dark blue, match removable hard-top..conv. top frame but needs top. Car is beautiful, ash a four tip custom exhaust. People havelost interest so I'll find out if I can go back and hopefully get it without being run over. So if I do, and anyone needs a real nice Spitfire..let me know. My stable is full.


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Good thing you hadn't already picked up the B.


Jedi Knight
Thats what everyone back here at home has said.Its a shame that with everything you do, you have to contantly look over your shoulder. The driver of the semi was saying it was my fault...I think thats what he was saying...no habla..anyhow, the local cop was a Sgt. and was having none of it. I was nervous all the way up and the whole trip back.Going to unload the B now and give it a good going over. My wife says she'd like to drive it to work and let me drive her bug vert. Funny lady.


Great Pumpkin
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When you get a Mex. driver call his insurance company on your cell phone and verify it is good. Ask me how I know. Snowed the police as well. ID theft.

tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
WHOA, Jack! Has somebody painted a target on your back?


Looks like a pretty nice B you picked up....Looks like the same color as one of my 78's...pagent blue?
I thought of Tony's V-8 project car when I first saw his picture. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumbsup.gif


Jedi Knight
I said the exact thing to my wife last nite..target on my back. I'm going today to register the B and as weve cancelled our yearly trip to the mountains this year over the fourth due to the death of my mother-in-law...and the fact that we're gathering info on our flooded out home back in upstate NY..I guess we'll take the B on a short road trip and check it out. Our home back East had five feet of water in the cellar, took out the hot water heater and central heat...thats so far.
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