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Picked up my XJ6 today...FINALLY


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after a month of problems, mostly having to go to upstate NY and freeze to death for two weeks, my wife and I made a fourteen hour round trip from our home here in Clovis NM to Las Cruces NM. Found the sellers place and was pleasantly suprised to find it better than advertised. Checked all the fluids, topped off a couple of tires and after dropping in the new battery...it fired right up after setting for about eighteen months!! It was covered in fine dust and sand but otherwise fine. Let it run so I could check all the systems out and other than two or three minor things..its great. Drove it backwards onto the dolly and we were off.Only problem with towing it that way is that at higher speeds it wanted to sway a bit so we cut back on the speed(speed limit is 75) and enjoyed the scenery. Drove thru the middle of White Sands Missle Range but as it was Sunday there were no delays due to launches. Its still hooked to my truck but tomorrow it goes into my shop for a complete inspection. I'll wash it and get a few pics posted.


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Well....being it sat stored for so long and since we had the dolly hooked to the truck..it didn't make alot of since to drive it. It checks out great so far, let it run for about an hour and checked all the systems out. Air cond. is ice cold, all the lights except for one lic. plate lite, needs a spare tire..wheel is fine. Has new brakes and exhaust is clean and not corroded like the entire car. I'll use cleaner and then power buff it after doing a few minor scratch touch-ups. All in all a pretty nice car.


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if the a/c is ice-cold you're lucky, those Delanair MK-2 systems are sort of difficult to bring back to life after they expire, which is not to say they are impossible, just difficult. The compressor is a General Motors model A6, mostly a trouble free compressor, lasts forever, the Expansion Valve (at the firewall) is also GM, also trouble-free. The trouble component is the so-called Amplifier (located behind the radio) but fortunately there are improved aftermarket units available for 1/3 of the price of the factory part...So enjoy it while you can.


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click on 'REPLY' at the bottom of the post that you are reading, (( DO NOT click or type on 'QUICK REPLY' ))

A more advanced Text Editor is opened when you click on the REPLY "switch", and at the bottom of the typing box, you will see 'FILE MANAGER', where you click again to 'BROWSE' for a file in your computer and then attach it to your post.

I do notice that some files show up on the post, others just show as the file name. must have to do with the size of the file. There are other image tricks going around but I haven't found them yet.



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There's a 50K limit on the display of the images, anything below that will show in the post.


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