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photobucket image help


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Hi.. How do I view photobucket images? A lot of people include them with their posts. Do I need a photobucket account? Thanks in advance


You don't. Unfortunately, Photobucket changed their business model a while back such that you can't "hot-link" images to other sites unless you pay them a lot of money (don't know what the current rate is) to become a "Pro member." Unfortunately, before they made the change, many members here were linking to images on PB in their posts here. But then, when PB made the change, none of those images could be viewed any longer. It is PB doing this and nothing we can do about it unfortunately.



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Just saw this post and I had an account a few years ago and when they changed their system I found out that I could log in using my old user name and retrieve my photos, but it is a long process as it can be done only one photo at a time moving to another folder outside of the PB gallery. Long process, but can be done if you have a user name that was used before they changed. PJ

Remembered, after your gallery of photos pops up, click on image, right click and save image to a folder in your computer, done. Works for me, just double checked it.

Just pulled this out,
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