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Photo editing


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Is it possible to edit a photo when posting? For example, is it possible to add "arrows" to point to a particular item in a photo that you post?
See example below....

IMG_2087 2.JPG
Elliot - I don't see any way to do that with the forum software here, but Basil's the Xenforo expert.

Easy to do with Windows Photo, but you'd have to save and then upload.

Tom M.
Thanks Tom. I did edit the photo on my laptop but often I use my phone.
Yeah, I don’t think the new forum software has provisions to edit a pic but I thought I’d ask.
There is no image editing capability in the forum software but if you have an iPhone you can do a lot of editing and markups using the Photos App. Here’s an example (this was the RV used in the Breaking Bad tv show. It was parked at the Breaking Bad car was for a tour the other day,

Thanks Bas. I knew you could edit color and crop pics on the iPhone but had no idea you could also add arrows and text as well.
I edited the pic below on my iPhone just before uploading it.
This old dog learned a new trick.
Looks great! just as long as it is genuinely a demonstration and not where the bodies are to be found. :jester:
Looks great! just as long as it is genuinely a demonstration and not where the bodies are to be found. :jester:
Nope, no bodies. Just reseeding a section of my lawn.
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