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Period Spridget articles


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There is also a book by Brookland Books: "Austin Healey Sprite 1958-1971" that has a lot of these period articles incorporated into a single volume. Definitely a fun read. One wonders if the authors would have realized that these cars would have such a devoted following 50 - 60 years later.


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At the risk of hooting my own hooter, the OP has another page of big Healey stuff: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B39aucJftjImUm1kMExlSjNRUHc But there's a piece in there I wrote for the Healey Marque about the 60th anniversary of Pressed Steel, the manufacturer of the Sprite bodies. There's a couple of nice bugeye pictures I there I hadn't seen previously that the Swindon Society, where Pressed Steel is located, provided to me.


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Sigh: "It's appearance is unfortunate" (referencing the Bug Eye in the 1958 Motorsport road test). Well, Sophia Loren was 24 in 1958 and is 83 now, and I think that both her and the Bugeye have a 'fortunate appearance'. But Sophia has better cheek bones though! Doug (PS: all bad jokes aside, thanks for posting this treasure trove).


Wow, I agree with Doug....what a treasure trove. Thanks!
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