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General TR Parts Identification


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So in the box of parts that came with my engine, I have a few parts that I can’t seem to identify using moss catalogs
what are they, I think they are from a tr4a ( as that is what the guy had/engine came out of)

their are 2 items in the pics, I think they are hubs from a tr4a ifs and the drive axle inner spline but I have no idea.

Thanks for any info/help.


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Yes 4-5-6, 1-2-3 that would be right. 6- bolts to flange on tall end of trans also note hole pattern. 2 would have bearing race washer nut cotter pin and dusk cover ,3 bearing race and seal.. ( NOTE ) 1 is not that strong and may be bent and as your wheel bolts to studs may wobble. To check you may need to have bearings in and rotate on axle. As for #4 a good universal would be all that is needed. They are all TR parts Madflyer
Are you putting motor into a TR ??? If the studs are 4 1/2 inches across then they would be the same as my TR 6
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