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General TR Panasport wheels


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I recently broke a plastic center cap on a Panasport wheel. I was able to contact Panasport but was told that the only sell the caps is sets of four. So I am asking if anybody may have a center cap they are willing to part with. The part number on the cap is W66H250 but the company says those are now being replaced with W66H32. This is the plastic center cap that says Panasport. But I do not need the Panasport decal on it. I only need the hub piece, just in case the same part is used by some other wheels.


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If all else fails we have 14 in stock. We don't advertise it but we usually keep things like this around in case a customer doesn't receive one or it breaks or ....

We have the W66H32 under our Moss part number of 900-676. Price is $19.99. I don't have a photo of it.

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