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TR2/3/3A Paltech SU Carb Rebuild--Problem


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Paltech came highly recommended.
Ordered carbs for my TR3A over 4 months ago--in early Feb, paid 1/2 down--promised delivery in 8-10 weeks. Finally got a hold of Jeff in late April--he had been sick but promised delivery in 3 weeks, by mid May--of course, that time frame has come and gone. And no reply to text messages and no answering of telephone--complete ghosting. BAD NEWS. Had to cancel the order.
Sorry for his health, wish him well and God speed to a full recovery, but return my money and we'll all get along.


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Mark, I'm sorry for your issue with a vendor, but please refer to #7 in our rules. This is not to suggest you don't have a legitimate concern, but I'd ask that we not use the forum to register complaints about vendors.


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I understand that if there an issue with quality or something like that you would discourage gripes. Here, we are looking at a whole different situation where there are several posts extolling this shop--that is precisely one reason I engaged Paltech--and if my post is not left to stand, won't others be similarly misled?


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Notice I didn’t remove your post. As a general rule though, I prefer folks address issues with vendors directly. We have no idea why he isn’t responding - you mentioned he was having health issues. Is it possible he is not able to respond for that reason?

I remember one time I had an issue with my Corvette and tried and tried to contact the repairman who had worked on it. After getting frustrated at not getting any reply, I learned that he had actually died. (Hope it’s nothing that serious in this case).

Do you know where this person is located? If so, perhaps someone here could connect with you via private message and could do an in-person check to see what’s going on. If he’s had positive comments here then I would guess ( just a guess) there must be some good reason why he’s gone silent.
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