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Painting stock air filters


Darth Vader
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How do I paint my BT7's stock Coopers steel wool filled air filter's screen without getting the paint on the steel wool? --elrey


Darth Vader
You can't without removing the steel wool first, which really isn't worth it. I made a template to fit around the filter keeping paint out of center. I figure the first time you clean them what little paint got on the wire mesh would come off anyway. Also, I doubt the paint would stick to the steel wool anyway. I used a "hammertone" silver which looks almost exactly as original.


Great Pumpkin
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elrey said:
How do I paint my BT7's stock Coopers steel wool filled wire mesh air filters without getting the paint on the steel wool? --elrey

First apply a strong degreaser to the wire mesh and flush then dry thoroughly.

Now mask off the screen and plug the back clean and strip old paint and spray will look great.--Keoke


Darth Vader
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Do not paint the screen. Good! I can do that. Plenty easier than my convoluted concept :laugh: --elrey

Legal Bill

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You can paint the front screen with an artist's paint brush if you really want to paint it.
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