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For Sale Pace Setter muffler for 1964-74 Spridget - Brand New


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I bought this from BPNW in 2011, intending to install it on my 1974 Midget, but never got around to doing so. I've decided that for me a loud(ish) exhaust isn't in the character of my mild-mannered MG.

It's still new in the box. I did notice an appx. 2mm nick in the chrome underside of one of the tips, as pictured, which would be unnoticeable when installed. Vic. British sells these for $209.95 and BPNW has them for $176.00.

I'd like to get $85.00 plus my cost for shipping, though I'd much prefer to sell locally. I live on Camano Island, WA and would be happy to meet along the I5 corridor north to Mount Vernon and south to Lynnwood.


DSCF6508.jpg DSCF6510.jpg DSCF6518.jpg DSCF6519.jpg DSCF6524.jpg DSCF6525.jpg
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Very interested! By chance, do you have an idea of the weight?
And the measurements of the package?
I'd love to drive out to pick it up, but....


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The boxed weight is 12.5 lbs.
Dimensions are 32"x13"x8".

I have a UPS store just around the corner from my local post office. USPS would charge $44.30 to ship to 43147. I assume UPS would be similar. A third option might be a friend of mine who may be able to ship from his business for a bit less.

Let me know if you want to pursue this.

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